Und oben standen wir

In this performance, both performers try to create a performance that is as successful as possible. And why not. Successful performances are very popular. And who saw a successful performance can at least say that he has seen a very successful performance. We can choose. Choose our school, our hobbies, our friends, our profession, our career, our partner and if we want our children. This is our new freedom: the choice.   But you have to choose well. This is the new art that comes with this freedom. Who chooses well, wins and wins the  ‹love of society.› He is a successful person and successful people we love. But choice demands much responsibility. Responsibility for happiness or failure. It takes ambition and perseverance. And what to do if one does not reach the ideal goal? Or makes the wrong choice? A performance about the fear of status and its consequences.

Concept / Performance

Tabea Martin, Matthias Mooij


Jean-Marc Desbonnets


Mirjam Egli


Barbara Kastner


Johanna Bauer


Marco Gianini


Sebastian Nübling / Peter Kelting

Graphic Design

Christine Keller


Barbara Kern

This is my last dance

This is my last dance

Beyond Indifference

Beyond Indifference



Duet For Two Dancers

Duet For Two Dancers

Pink For Girls & Blue For Boys

Pink For Girls & Blue For Boys

Tabea Martin is active as a choreographer and performer in Basel, Switzerland. 


Tabea Martin

Produktion, Booking

Larissa Bizer

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