Empire of Illusions

The distinction between reality and illusion in our society is about to disappear. What we don't have, we can get with our innate ability to deceive ourselves. And new technologies are there to help. We can dive into 3D worlds and forget ourselves completely. We can create new identities in the world wide web and buy as many friends as we wish. A course in positive thinking helps us believe that we are happy, pornography replaces our lack of love and knowledge is sold in take-away sound bites. Don't forget: it's not about what you know or who you are, it's about what others think that you know and who you are. An evening about the power, the comfort, and the danger of illusions.

Concept / Performance

Tabea Martin, Matthias Mooij, Jean-Marc Desbonnets


Jean-Marc Desbonnets


Mirjam Egli


Stefan Marti

Artistic advisor

Sebastian Nübling

Production Manager

Eva Heller

Thanks to

Christoph Meury, Peter Kelting, Alan Twitchell


Gregor Brändli


Roxy Theater Basel / Theater Tuchlaube

This is my last dance

This is my last dance

Beyond Indifference

Beyond Indifference



Duet For Two Dancers

Duet For Two Dancers

Pink For Girls & Blue For Boys

Pink For Girls & Blue For Boys

Tabea Martin is active as a choreographer and performer in Basel, Switzerland. 


Tabea Martin

Produktion, Booking

Larissa Bizer

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