18th October 2019

FIELD in Poland!

We are happy to announce that FIELD is touring on.

FIELD was invited by International Dance Theatre Festival Lublin.
The performance is taking place on 14th November 2019 at 19:00.

03. Oktober 2019

Choreography at ZHdK Contemporary Dance

In September Tabea Martin develops a choreography with students of ZHdK Contemporary Dance.

The performances of FANTASIA will be shown on 13th and 15th December 2019 at Theater der Künste Zürich.

13th September 2019


PINK FOR GIRLS & BLUE FOR BOYS tours from Prague (June 2019) to Holland.

To be seen on Sunday, 10th November 2019 in Kleine Zaal at Theater Rotterdam.

15th July 2019

Passion - Sehnsucht der Frauen

Passion - Sehnsucht der Frauen is shown at Staatstheater Karlsruhe

On 5th October 2019 the production Passion - Sehnsucht der Frauen directed by Anna Bergmann and with choreographical co-operation by Tabea MArtin is premiereing at Staatstheater Karlsruhe.

15th July 2019

Italian Premiere of THIS IS MY LAST DANCE

Simona Bertozzi and Tabea Martin show This is my last dance at B.Motion in Bassano del Grappa (I).

The performance will be shown:

On 25th August 2019 at 20:30 in Teatro Remondini.

15th July 2019

FOREVER abroad for the First Time

FOREVER was invited by Theater Festival Boulevard in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL).

For the first time, FOREVER is shown outside of Switzerland, namely on the following dates:

Thursday, 8th August: 15:00
Friday, 9th August: 15:00 and 19:15

Toi Toi Toi for this premiere in Dutch!!



Simona Bertozzi and Tabea Martin show THIS IS MY LAST DANCE in Holland:

24. April: Schouwburg Utrecht 20:30 Uhr
26. April: Theater Rotterdam 20:30 Uhr
30. April: Theater aan het Vrijthof Maastricht 20:30 Uhr
1. May: Theater Chassé Breda 20:30 Uhr


NOTHING LEFT im Rahmen von Steps

We are happy to announce that Nothing Left is co-produced by the Swiss Dance festival Steps.

Information about the production as well as the performance dates are following soon.


PINK FOR GIRLS & BLUE FOR BOYS travels to Prague

PINK FOR GIRLS & BLUE FOR BOYS was invited by Tanec Praha Festival.

16. and 17. June 2019



Open Company Classes

In the frame of Tabea Martin's new production ‹Forever› the compagnie offers open classes for professional dancers.


Dec 14, Training with Benjamin Lindh

Dec 21, Training with Hella Immler

Jan 11, Training with Dominique Cardito

Time: 9:00-9:45

Place: Studio Cirqu'en Flex, Warteck, Burgweg 7, 4058 Basel

Costs: CHF 5.-


New production!

‹Forever› is a new dance production for children and adults from 8 years of age

Premiere: March 21, 2019

Kaserne Basel

How do children think about life and death – finiteness and immortality? What fantasies do they have about life after death? Have they ever been confronted with death? Is it even allowed to talk to children about these topics or is it still a taboo subject?

Through interviews, games and workshops with children from age 8 to 12 we will explore the children’s visions and fantasies and then transform them into movement with five professional dancers.

‹Forever› will bring eternal life on stage - a world that gives new life to the acient gods and creatures through the imaginations and ideas of the children. What if we lived forever?

A visual, joyful, sensitive and moving journey through the world of death and the imagery of the children begins. 


Swiss Dance Days 2019

‹This is my last dance› has been selected for the Swiss Dance Days 2019! The creation is one of 15 dance pieces out of 150 creations, that has been chosen by the jury and will be presented at the Swiss Dance Days, taking place on the 6 - 9 February in Lausanne.

More Information about the Swiss Dance Days: www.swissdancedays.ch

‹For the existential darkness and loneliness the choreographers find a beguiling picture. They dance on a shiny black, highly reflective dance floor. As a result, they are never alone. Like in a dance of the death-painting, the characters are pursued by their own reflection and fate. In addition to this symbolic power, this mirrored floor is also pure aesthetic pleasure. He lends weightlessness to this last dance.› 

Matthias Balzer, bz Basel 02.02.2018

‹Martin and Bertozzi have choreographed a touching, very personal dance evening. Hopefully the title can not be taken at face value.›
Dominique Spirgi, TagesWoche Basel, 02.02.2018

‹(...) the dance (is) powerful, gripping, meaningful, as we know it from Tabea Martin, and with these little additions of subtle humor›
Maya Künzler, Radio SRF2 02.02.2018

Find all press reviews here


Pink for Girls keeps on touring

The successful production for children and adults from 8 years of age keeps on touring. 

Since February 2016 Pink for Girls & Blue for Boys has been shown more than 60 times in 6 countries and we keep on playing!

Upcoming dates:

16.-18.12.2018 tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf (DE)
1. & 2.2.2019 Centro Cultural de Bélem (POR)


Great opening in Torino

‹Beyond Indifference› successfully opened this year's edition of Interplay Festival Torino!

100 artists from all over the world, coming from 10 European and extra-EU countries and from different Italian regions showed their work at Interplay Festival Torino.

‹Beyond Indifference› was this year's opener. Grazie mille Torino!

GO TO the press review

GO TO the foto galery of the festival

GO TO the festival trailer

Fotos: Andrea Macchia


New support agreement

Compagnie Tabea Martin will be funded from 2018-2020 by a cooperative support agreement between cantons Basel-Stadt, Basel Landschaft and Pro Helvetia-Swiss Arts Council.

According to the terms of the support agreements, the municipalities and cantons grant financial assistance to the companies for their artistic creation, operations and other activities at local, regional and national level, while Pro Helvetia’s contribution goes towards international tours. The support agreement provides the companies with greater planning security and also more flexibility, as it enables them to take on short-term commitments and projects without having to re-apply for support each time. This strengthens their negotiating position on the international market. The financial backing also gives them more leeway to develop new productions and formats. With the conclusion of a support agreement, the sponsoring parties for their part signal their trust in the artistic and organisational qualities of the dance or theatre company concerned.

See the media release by Pro Helvetia


Tabea Martin receives the three-year-grant for dance and theatre 2017-2019 from the cantons of Basel-City and Basel-Landschaft

‹Tabea Martin has convinced the committee through her clear artistic vision, the continuity and the high niveau of her artistic work as through her distinct network and great commitment for a strong and dynamic contemporary dance scene in the region of Basel.›

The three-year-grant aims to support the artistic and operational qualitative development of a company and enables a better network and visibility encouraged by a longterm planning security and a continuity in diffusion work and touring.


Tabea Martin receives culture award for dance

In May 2016 Tabea Martin was honored by the government of Canton Basel-Landschaft with the culture award for dance. 

‹The government of Canton Basel-Landschaft is honoring choreographer Tabea Martin (*1978) from Oberwil with the culture award for dance 2016. Tabea Martin has achieved a remarkable international career. She has been working for the independent scene as well as for municipal theaters. Her projects are characterized by professionality and inspire an international audience through humour, intelligence and great choreographical skills. For these reasons she is one of the most successful swiss choreographers.›


PRAIRIE 2016–2019

End of June 2016 Tabea Martin was selected next to two other compagnies for Prairie – the coproduction support of Migros Culture-Percentage. Tabea Martin will get artistic and structural support for three years. 

More information


This is my last dance

This is my last dance

Beyond Indifference

Beyond Indifference



Duet For Two Dancers

Duet For Two Dancers

Pink For Girls & Blue For Boys

Pink For Girls & Blue For Boys

Tabea Martin is active as a choreographer and performer in Basel, Switzerland. 


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